We specialise in employee engagement

Our ’employee engagement ecosystem’ helps clients to build their people-based capabilities for working, managing and leading in 21st century organisations

Employee engagement works: it raises customer and employee satisfaction, innovation and business results, but it needs redefining from broadcast communications, annual surveys and an HR measure to how an organisation functions on a daily basis. And it starts by reframing it from a way of getting greater ‘discretionary effort’ from people, to a way of working where, by removing obstacles and fuelling their growth and autonomy, people do great work, naturally, every day.

We help clients evolve people-centred organisation wide employee engagement ecosystems, what we call ‘e3’, to move away from outdated models of command and control: creating places where everyone understands where they are going and why, are attracted to and actively form open and collaborative ways of working together; where every day offers learning opportunities and ‘servant-leaders’ inspire, support and remove organisational barriers. In short, an environment where people take control of the work they do and have the autonomy and mastery to take decisions to improve it and themselves.


The individuals you entrust to design and deliver services and products to your customers love the work they do. They have the voice, personal mastery and authority to change their work and behaviours to drive higher levels of service, innovation and personal satisfaction.

  • Taking control of the work: and continuous improvement
  • Measuring for the right outcomes: to drive the right work, learning and performance
  • Creating new working relationships: sideways, up and down

‘Servant-Leaders’ break out from command and control, choosing to inspire, motivate and support their people to grow and work in different ways and, in doing so, free themselves from fire-fighting and misplaced target-led micro management.

  • Observing and removing obstacles: between people and functions to do even greater work
  • Listening for and creating learning opportunities: facilitating and coaching to grow team autonomy and mastery
  • Turning strategy into action: that improves the work and its value to customers

Outstanding leaders create a compelling vision for their organisations and proactively shape its values. They actively communicate and live them on a daily basis and guide their organisations in an ever changing environment. Result: learning and the growth of their organisation.

  • Creating coherent narratives: around the why, who and the what and telling them compellingly
  • Shaping the engagement culture: from strategic ideas into outcomes that form values, culture and performance
  • Keeping our promises: holding each other to account so that the outcomes we anticipate, we deliver
We would love to hear from you to discuss ideas, challenges you might be facing or opportunities to help you; we’ll even buy the coffee and bring the pastries.
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2907, 2016

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