working relationships

we are working relationships

We love the work we do and the people we do it with.


We all bring different things, but have gelled as a team and with our clients for over 20 years.

Some of us focus on the ecosystem; others on work, its management and improvement. Some specialise in personal accountability, what makes us tick and how we learn; others still on strategy, culture and leadership. We have specialists in communications and others in change management and some again on organisation and job design, workplace environment and motivation, incentives and rewards.

But what we all do, is serve and grow others so that they can do it for themselves. We bring it with enthusiasm, a healthy amount of challenge, but always with love and quite a bit of humour.

Meet the team…

Specialising in aligning strategy and culture with new ways of working, Nigel is fascinated by people in change & the workings of our ‘inner chimp’.

Martin helps people reconcile their own differences between theory and practice, gently nudging them closer and closer.

Ian works to create collaborative, self supporting teams who, like ‘fire ants’, achieve more collectively. Specialises in trust, motivation and incentives.


Not only do we love the work we do, we love the people we do it with.

Over the years the team have worked with some great people in some amazing organisations who’ve appreciated our ability to bring clarity and consensus to their organisations and helped them to see and make choices that they probably wouldn’t have made on their own.

They have appreciated our structure, the challenge to their thinking and behaviours, but particularly valued us making it specific to their organisation.

Meet some of the great people we’ve worked with…

Client focus…

Client focus…

Client focus…

Client focus…

To discuss some of the great work we’ve done; get in touch, we’d love to hear from you. If we can get together we’ll even buy the coffee and bring the pastries.
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